Nutrition Response Testing


What Is Nutrition Response Testing?

This is a safe, natural, and noninvasive system of analyzing the body to detect the primary causes of ill health. When these causes are found and corrected through natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself and maintain optimum health.

Why Get Tested?

This noninvasive system assists a practitioner in assessing the underlying causes of ill health. It shows the view of neurological reflexes and health status that is not seen on a conventional medical view.

What Is Designed Clinical Nutrition?

It is exactly prepared based on a specific nutritional plan that will enable your body to repair itself and grow healthfully. This is designed to address and solve health-related results from clinical use or actual practice on different patients over many years.


A Solution to Nutrients Deficiency

In most cases, it is concentrated whole food in a tablet, capsule, or powder. This is prepared using a unique manufacturing process that preserves all the active enzymes and vital components to make it work as nature intended. These real food supplements are designed to match the needs of the body, as determined by the positive response shown when tested against the active Nutrition Response Testing organs/areas. Our results are found during your individual Nutrition Response Testing analysis.

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Why Take Whole Food Supplements?

There are nutrients that you are simply not getting, or not assimilating, into your current diet. These may cause deficiencies due to your past personal eating habits and routines. Another factor that should also be considered is the fact that the quality of food in grocery stores and restaurants nowadays is lacking in nutrients that your body needs. This is where our food supplements can help you.

What Is a Whole Food Supplement?

This is a complex formula that has plant and animal extracts, desiccates, and other ingredients required to create the best nutritional supplement for different health indications. Whole food, such as beets, peas, and radishes, will provide you with a positive impact on your health due to its nourishing and natural benefits.

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Why Choose to Take Whole Food Supplements?

Through whole food supplementation, your body will be provided with its needed nutrients. This will be done as close as possible to how they are found and acquired in nature. After all, these foods have the nutrition that is typically harnessed and presented to the body.


The testing is only for screening purposes and should not be relied upon by itself as a final test of the presence or absence of any diseases, as well as conclusive evidence about nutritional deficiency or sensitivity. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.